What and why?

An industry-standard form process also referred to as Suite Reservation or Wishlist.

  • Used to identify what suites interested parties are most interested in & better allocate suite to purchasers
  • Collected over a series of dates (Submission Deadline) particular to each project
  • Time-stamped & Dated; sooner these are submitted to the developer the more increased your chances at getting a suite on your TOP 3
  • Once the developer allocates, we will contact you. You will have a limited time to confirm your desire to move forward at which point the initial BANK DRAFT is collected ahead of signing appointment setting

***Please note: submitting a worksheet is NOT a commitment to buy & therefore not binding you to an Agreement of Purchase & Sale***

Lastly; due to the nature of this process, no guarantees are made that you will get allocated your desired suite or any suite at all based on the overall # of submissions of similar qualified/interested purchasers and their representatives.

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    Not Necessary Now, But Will Be once a unit is secured.

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    Why work with a Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Sales Representative?

    Purchasing pre-construction is all about relationships. At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, we have a dedicated pre-construction division that focuses exclusively on ensuring that our clients receive absolute first and best access to the top development projects from across the GTA. Our relationships with developers and their inside sales teams are unlike any other in real estate.

    If you want in on the ground floor with the best pricing possible, we are your team.